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EDDM Direct Mail
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• Target a location without an address list
• Reduce mail preparation costs
• Send out local or national campaings
• Market your product, service, store opening, sales or major events.
• Build more traffic, increase revenue and find a new prospective customer base by marketing to every household in the local target mailing routes you request.

The USPS Every Door Direct Mail Program allows you to mail flyers, brochures, coupons, menus, oversized postcards, saddle-stitched catalogs, booklets and more for as low 17.5¢ per mailing piece delivered with the day's mail to every household by carrier routes. You get First-Class Service at the lowest available USPS Standard Mail Raes. EDDM printing eliminates the cost of a mailing list and printing specific names and addresses on every single EDDM printing piece.

Most local business choose EDDM-Retail because:

• Simplest and most cost-effective
• Postage as low 17.5¢ per mailing piece
• No postage permit and no fees are required
• No Mailing lists are required

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Custom Estimate:

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Paper Options:

  • 14 pt C2S Gloss Cardstock
  • 16 pt C2S Gloss Cardstock

Standard Sizes:

  • 6.5x11
  • 6.5x9
  • 6x11
  • 8.5x11
  • 9x12
  • 11x17

Color Options:

  • 4/4 - Color Both Sides
  • 4/1 - Color Front, B&W Back
  • 4/0 - Color Front, No Back

Coating Options:

  • UV Coating
  • Matte Aqueous Coating
  • Gloss Aqueous Coating









EDDM Marketing at a local level

Local deals, local search, local, local,! A perfect example is the announcement of a new pizzeria in town. Let's say the owner is not a marketer or just doesn't have the time to put together a marketing campaign. Yet, naturally he knows that his target market is every home and business in the surrounding area of his pizzeria. Every Door Direct Mail would be the quick and efficient way for the pizzeria owner to let every home in say, a 2 mile (or more) radius know about the grand opening of the new pizzeria. Simple and inexpensive.

Every Door Direct Mail requireds that the size of your mail piece falls withing the USPS "Flat" dimensions. A common size is 6.25"x9 which is a huge amount of real estate to cover with big graphic of your products or services, coupons and anything else that makes sense to include in the direct mail piece. You can go all the way up to 15 inches. You can also mail folded prints as long as they fold down within the restrictions.

With the low cost of distribution, EDDM is a great tool to use to give out your coupons, announce specials and event sales. Spruce up your marketing and offer "neighborhood only" coupons. Sure, you can always use a Valpak type of service but with 1700 other coupons in the same envelope, will your coupon even get noticed? (See #2 above)

EDDM set up as easy as 1,2,3 besides being cost effective, Every Door Direct Mail only takes a few simple steps to together. Have your EDDM postcard printed, band them into bundles of 50 or 100 pieces wirh a facing slip and a rubber band and deliver them to the Post Office with your payment for postage. That's it.





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